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"Peace amid Pain "
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Practical Excerpts

* If your Heavenly Father allows you to suffer, this is because he sees a need. It’s a pain not for the purpose of pain, but a pain that carries with it good for you. Trust that He will give you the amount of pain you are in need of, and with the intensity that you can tolerate.

* Do not feel guilty when you get sad because of what God permitted to you of troubles, trials and pains; for He wants you to be sad. You will never taste the spiritual joy unless you taste the spiritual sadness.

* Rejoice for the inexpressible joy full of glory is yours now, in spite of all your pains and grievances; its greater than your pain  no matter how hard it is, and stronger than your trial no matter how intense it is.

* God, through the process of purifying you, He does not forget neither his loving-kindness nor his promises, thus trust that His blessings are irrevocable and His loving kindness never stops even if he was using the fire to purify you.

* Our Holy God never fails; He keeps on with his dealings until He pulls out all what does not please Him of impurities; Do not let the impurities  and the gold be mixed up and mingled strongly in your life in order to avoid being exposed to a high degree of God’s fire within the Divine dealings to snatch the impurities.

* When exposed to pressures do not fail or despair, for spiritual growth goes proportionally with pressures; the more you are pressed the more you grow.

* Accept with gratefulness all the dealings of the wilderness, and its burning sun and also every pain and pressure from the hands of the Potter for He forms you not to hurt you but to prepare you for the glory.

* Accept your pain even if you don’t see any benefit out of it now, for God sometimes allows a protective pain. You are not aware of what is hidden on your way or what is going to happen.

* Childhood wounds are blessings to our life. Do not believe the saying that childhood wounds have effects that cannot be erased or healed. I have pity on those who are fooled and captivated by words of philosophy and false explanation thus falling into self lamentation.

* Stop complaining and then you will understand God’s purposes in his dealings with you. Today, be grateful and thankful to God for what his merciful and generous hands offered to you of humiliation and say: “It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes”


My Lord Jesus 
You, who purified Jacob, conformed Moses, protected Paul, tested and approved Abraham, please sanctify my pains.
Remove all impurities from my life and purify me.
Conform me so that I look more like You; give me your thoughts and affections, your obedience and submission, your peace and love.

Help me Lord to accept my pain even if I do not see any good out of it now, let me trust that it is for my good and protection.
Let me be approved so that I receive the crown of life.

O Lord, I thank you because to you, I am much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire.
I thank you for the pains of the past, the present and the future.
I put into your hands the pains of the childhood, youth and elderly; for everything before you is revealed.

O Lord, help me to believe and trust that I am your son and precious to your heart and all what happens in my life is by permission from you; you will not forsake me but you will also take me to you.


Magdy Samuel

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