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"Peace amid Pain "
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Practical Excerpts

1 – Remember that the goal of our faith is the salvation of our souls; we have enjoyed deliverance from the punishment of our sins, also we are enjoying deliverance from the power of sin and we are waiting for the day when we will be delighted in the deliverance from the body of sin.

2 –Appreciate the value and privilege of what you received! There is nothing that underestimates what we lose as much as our awareness of the value of what we had from salvation.  In as much as salvation goes precious in your eyes inasmuch as all other things become worthless until they turn into rubbish.

3 – Never complain of a pain that God allows to you and should you need a treatment to your sufferings in this wilderness,  focus your eyes on the blessings and glories that you obtained and never look to what God has prevented from giving you of perished things; for you already have the precious, why don’t you  sacrifice the worthless.

4 – Each of us receives one thing, some of us already received salvation for themselves and were delivered from the judgment and punishment and some others have not yet, for they refused it or maybe neglected it; they will receive in themselves the penalty of their error and refusal . The choice is yours. I call you today to accept and receive this salvation and do not postpone or disregard.

5 – We possess too many facts in our minds but they are not enabled and ready or fit for work, therefore they need to be combined and mixed with faith in our minds through the power and effect of God’s spirit in our hearts so that they could be effective and functioning . God’s word without faith loses its power and effectiveness on our minds.

6 – If your hope in Christ is going together with your hope in the world and what’s in it, and should God’s salvation be precious to you as well as mammon and the world are to you, then you will not be able to overcome your fears and your pains; The advice is to unite and gather your mind in only one thing.

7 -Our depression is not resulting from our circumstances inasmuch as it’s the outcome of our wrong thinking in our condition. May God awake us from our spiritual sleep so we do not accept from Satan any wrong explanation to our pains?

8 - Spiritual sleep is the time where Satan is able to insert into our minds his deceitful thoughts thus distracting us and disturbing our beliefs. Therefore, focus your eyes on God and his word which will activate your mind, and gird it up so that you could trample on the honey of the world and all its inducements as well as its pains.

9 – Amid your pains, toils and your daily fears, put your trust in your God and rest your faith upon Him and not upon others who might misjudge you or forsake you and fail you , for He is the only one who does not change, He is the rock, His work is perfect.

10 – We shall not stand before the Lord based on our deeds and righteousness. For we are saved by the Grace; dwell in the Grace and rest our hope upon the Grace. No one will be able to stand before God based on his deeds.



My Lord,
I thank you for the salvation I have received.
I thank you for all things I have obtained through your Grace; things that the angels themselves wished they could know.
The salvation is valuable in my eyes, so let me say: O my soul, trample with dignity over all I have lost and wasted and over my pains as well.

Oh my Lord
Gird up my mind and preserve my thoughts.
Protect me from this world and its influence on my mind.

O Lord
Help me and let me rest my hope upon you alone and wait for you.
I come to you not counting on my righteousness or based on my merit but on the account of your grace and your blood that covers me.

Magdy Samuel

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