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"Peace amid Pain "
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Practical Excerpts

1- Should you be willing to enjoy Peace amidst Pains, do not suffer as an evildoer. Obeying God’s commandments is the best protection against Pains where you will avoid lots of them.

2-  Sin is evil before God; it will leave bitterness inside us. For every disobedience and rebellion has its own harvest; some pains are normal results for breaching our heavenly Father’s commandments.

3- In order to be comforted, you need to humble yourself and obey. Therefore, receive, submit and surrender. Should you have not obeyed the way to protect yourself from various pains? Submit and obey now so that you can ease your pain.

4- The way to have your pains healed, starts by accepting God’s treatment with you and your recognition of what you are now, and then you will be able to agree on what God has allowed of pain to us according to His will.

5- If you see you have drifted away from God, do not despair; He waits for your return. Your pains won’t be terminated until you return back to Him. Arise and go back to your father so that your pain and hunger come to an end yet the Lord would lead you indeed out of dire distress, into a broad place where there is no restraint.

6- Do not conform to the sons of this world not only in their look but also in their thoughts, principles, lusts and ignorance. We have to be different from others in every aspect, in our fear, grief, thoughts and prayers even in our demands.

7- The most expensive that the father gives to his son are not properties but genes and characters, so, enjoy not only your heavenly father’s giving but his character too, therefore, as He who called you is Holy, you also be Holy.

8- Drifting away from God’s word, fills us with pride and intransigence. For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, and able to free from every intransigence and disobedience.

9- When God adjourns something or holds back another for you, be sure that He aims for your good. He deals with your daily affairs to tighten it on you, so that you obey and submit. Don’t fear of Him but fear Him and sanctify Him in your hear.

10-Yes, our father rebukes and we fear Him, but this fear is not that of slaves but that of children. Therefore, while being chastened, we trust that we are children and very dear to his heart for He didn’t redeem us with silver or gold but with His precious blood.



O. Lord
I come back to You, I return to your fatherly arms
Let me share with you, your characters and Holiness
Help me to end my stubbornness, let me abandon disobedience.

Oh Lord, I am returning to be among the obedient children and not children of transgression; I humble myself before you so that you purify me, fill me up with Holy fear, and remind me that I am a foreigner so that I conduct myself through the time of my stay with Holy fear.
O Lord
Let me trust that your blood is sufficient.
Let me trust that I am dear to your heart and that the judgment is passed. Let me trust that you love me and chasten me but you don’t surrender me to death.

Magdy Samuel

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