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"Peace amid Pain "
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The Triple Medication
Practical Excerpts and Prayer

1) If you are suffering physically and psychologically while your soul is in contact with God, you will be able to tolerate your pain. For when you are born from God, He grants you a new nature that can hold amid pain. It is not because of a power in itself but because of its ability to communicate with God.

2) When born from God, you will have a nature that can give you the capability of understanding matters differently, and that can change the way you perceive events. What you used to think of, as evil, will be now taken as good ; you can say “you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20).

3) Nothing could reassure, encourage and strengthen during the pain more than your realization of this new trust. What comforts the believer is not only that his sins are forgiven and his eternity is guaranteed but that he is a child of God.

4) The time you experience this new relationship with God, He becomes not that far high snobby and arrogant God, but you can converse with Him trusting His Love. You might not understand fully what’s happening to you but you will never doubt of His love. He knows your circumstances and knows your name as well.

5) Remember that you cannot bear the evil of two days “Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:34).  Yes, the evil day exists but in this day of trouble I am reassured and comforted because "He hides me in his pavilion  and in the secret place of his tabernacle” (Psalm 27:5)

6) When you know that the fire is strong and the furnace is heated and the king is tough, you have to trust in God’s power that is able to save you from all evil.

7) Remember that you are obtaining the Divine Protection by Grace but you will never enjoy it without Faith, for we enjoy the blessings of God’s word only when we trust it and believe in it.

8) Trust that when God gives medication, He does not give sedatives but strong effective medications. You can say to God: I am now your son and you have changed my nature from inside. What’s inside me is greater than my pains; If I break , the external ceramic clay will fall off and light would radiates, but the internal treasure will never be lost.

9) Know that all what is given by the world will get moth, rust, or will get robbed; while your inheritance is incorruptible, undefiled and does not fade; but to enjoy all of these blessings, you have to experience the second birth.

10) When you are in pain and toil remember that you are the child of God and dear to His heart. You are also provided and protected by His almighty power.  Moreover you are waiting for the day where He will come and take you to Him making you forget all your grievances; for what makes you endure and tolerate your sufferings is your certainty and hope that their end is near.


Oh God, our diseases, pains and grievances are many
But the treatment is one, it’s Your Person
I need healing and you are able to heal
I trust in your love and ability

Oh God, in front of the pressures of life and today’s evil,
I put into your hands today and tomorrow.
I deliver you my pains.

Magdy Samuel

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