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Dr. Magdy Samuel’s book “Whom shall I fear” is now available. To know your nearest seller (Click Here

Dr. Magdy Samuel’s book “Whom shall I fear” is now available.


From this book you can identify:
• The most prevalent sources of fear and anxiety in the world nowadays.
• The means of security and peace that make you experience the real comfort.
• Four Christian strategies to be free from fear and anxiety
• Practical Excerpt that help set you free from fear and anxiety.
• Biblical characters who overcame fear and anxiety.
• Divine promises to assure in all situations of fear and anxiety.
• Scientific studies that confirm and prove that the Christian faith provides freedom from fear and anxiety.
• Assessment to determine your level of anxiety and tension.


Anxiety, fear and tension are at epidemic proportions today.
This is one of the most widespread and destructive diseases.

Half of the patients in the hospitals are there because of anxiety and tension

Do you want to subdue fear and defy anxiety?
Do you wish to enjoy peace and serenity?


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